Research Team

Toshia Myers, Ph.D. - Director of Research

Toshia Myers, Ph.D. is the Research Director at TrueNorth Health Foundation (TNHF). Her aim is to support a thriving, collaborative research environment that focuses on conducting evidence-based research into the human health effects of water-only fasting and dietary intervention.

Dr. Myers became fascinated with cellular biology during her undergraduate studies at the Ohio State University where she obtained a B.S. in Plant Biology and Molecular Genetics. She went on to earn a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biological Sciences from Columbia University in the area of Developmental Genetics. She has completed postdoctoral studies at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the University of Copenhagen Biotech Research and Innovation Center. Her previous research experience includes cellular communication, immunology, epigenetics, and DNA repair mechanisms.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Patricia Kolbe, M.A. - Assistant Director, Research Administration

Patricia Kolbe graduated summa cum laude from Boston College and earned a Master of Arts with Distinction from the University of Durham in England. She also obtained a second master’s degree and completed several years of doctoral-level research training at Temple University.

Patricia has a passionate interest in evidence-based research into the physiological effects of fasting and maintaining a whole, plant-food diet. Her academic interests also include fasting and dietetics as historically practiced in world religions. At TNHF, she assists in the design and execution of research studies and provides various levels of administrative support to the research director and team, including assisting with legal and regulatory issues. 

Zrinka Glavas, M.S. - Clinical Research Professional

Zrinka Glavas’ passion for holistic, evidence-based nutrition led her to complete a Master of Science in Nutrition at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). While at NUNM, Zrinka started her research career working at the Helfgott School of Research and Graduate Studies as a Research Assistant (RA) and Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) for several professors and courses, including Therapeutic Diets and Medical Nutrition Therapy. In her role as TA for Medical Nutrition Therapy, her primary responsibility was to build a comprehensive database of whole-foods primary research targeted towards the treatment and/or management of the most common conditions prevalent in the Westernized world today.

Internationally, Zrinka completed an internship with the Institute of Anthropological Research in Croatia, where she worked on a large-scale NIH-funded longitudinal study looking into epigenetics, genetics, and metabolic syndrome. Also holding a Master of Education, Zrinka’s love of education and holistic nutrition is joined in documenting the therapeutic potential a whole, plant-food diet has on health outcomes. At the TrueNorth Health Foundation, she works in the Department of Research contributing to study design and implementation. Zrinka also works at the TrueNorth Health Clinic, where she practices Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Su-Yeon Hwang, Pharm.D. - Research Assistant

Su-Yeon Hwang holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Rhode Island. Her research career began with an interest in finding a new treatment for diabetes. Since then, she has worked on several research projects and gained experience with numerous laboratory techniques.

She is currently the research assistant and laboratory technician in the Department of Research at TrueNorth Health Foundation. She is interested in studying the potential and mechanisms of water-only fasting in the treatment of various disease conditions and participating in clinical research.

Bradley Saul, Ph.D. - Biostatistician

Bradley Saul is a biostatistician who enjoys helping researchers create well-designed studies, get the most of out of their data, and do good science. Bradley earned his masters and doctorate in Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina.

Before returning to North Carolina for graduate school, Bradley worked at TrueNorth Health Center for over a year helping to manage business operations. Bradley now lives with his family in Chapel Hill, NC where he can often be found digging in his garden.