Water-only Fasting Literature
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Author(s): Bonjour, M, Sahmla, G, Goldhamer A.C, Myers, T.R.
Publication: International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention
Publication Year: 2021

Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) is associated with chronic metabolic and inflammatory
disorders. Normal weight, overweight, and obese people can all be overfat with visceral
adipose tissue (VAT). In this case series, we describe the total body composition of
three male patients with excess VAT after undergoing prolonged medically supervised
water-only fasting followed by… Read More

Author(s): Brandhorst, S.
Publication: Geroscience
Publication Year: 2021

The increasingly older population in most developed countries will likely experience aging-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart and lung diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis, dementia, and/or cancer. Genetic and environmental factors, but also lifestyle choices including physical activity and dietary habits, play essential roles in disease onset and progression.… Read More

Author(s): Yang, C., Ma, Q., Zhang, H., Wu, F., Wu, M., Yang, C., Chen, Y., Xiong, J., Liu, W., Wang, H., Wu, R., Dai, Z., Li, Y.
Publication: Eur J Nutr
Publication Year: 2021

PURPOSE: People may be unable to obtain anything edible for days under some circumstances, but they must maintain their calmness and cognition to navigate solutions. Our aim was to study changes in subjective sensations and cognition in healthy adults during a 10-day complete fasting experiment. METHODS: Thirteen healthy male volunteers voluntarily participated in the 22-day experiment… Read More

Author(s): Kerem, L., Holsen, L., Fazeli, P., Bredella, M. A., Mancuso, C., Resulaj, M., Holmes, T. M., Klibanski, A., Lawson, E. A.
Publication: Physiol Rep
Publication Year: 2021

Neural processing of visual food stimuli is perturbated at extremes of weight. Human fMRI studies investigating diet effects on neural processing of food cues could aid in understanding altered brain activation in conditions of under- and overnutrition. In this preliminary study, we examined brain activity changes in response to 10 days of high-calorie-diet (HCD), followed by 10 days of… Read More

Author(s): Longo, V. , Tano
Publication: Nature Aging
Publication Year: 2021

Intermittent and periodic fasting (IF and PF, respectively) are emerging as safe strategies to affect longevity and healthspan by acting on cellular aging and disease risk factors, while causing no or minor side effects. IF lasting from 12 to 48 hours and repeated every 1 to 7 days and PF lasting 2 to 7 days and repeated once per month or less have the potential to prevent and treat disease,… Read More

Author(s): Fang Y, Gu Y, Zhao C, et al
Publication: BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health
Publication Year: 2021

Beego is a traditional Chinese complete water-only fasting practice initially developed for spiritual purposes, later extending to physical fitness purposes. Beego notably includes a psychological induction component that includes meditation and abdominal breathing, light body exercise and ends with a specific gradual refeeding program before returning to a normal diet. Beego has regained its… Read More

Author(s): Caffa, I., Nencioni, A.
Publication: Mol Cell Oncol
Publication Year: 2021

We found that periodic fasting increases the anti-cancer activity of endocrine agents used to treat hormone receptor-positive breast cancer and delays acquired resistance to them by reducing blood leptin, insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1). Our work supports further clinical studies of fasting as an adjuvant to endocrine agents in breast cancer patients.

Author(s): Letkiewicz, S., Pilis, K., Slezak, A., Pilis, A., Pilis, W., Zychowska, M., Langfort, J.
Publication: Nutrients
Publication Year: 2020

The aim of this study was to determine whether, after 8 days of water-only fasting, there are changes in the efficiency of the lower urinary tract, the concentration of sex hormones, and the symptoms of prostate diseases in a group of middle-aged men (n = 14). For this purpose, before and after 8 days of water-only fasting (subjects drank ad libitum moderately mineralized water), and the… Read More

Author(s): Zajac, I., Herreen, D., Hunkin, H., James-Martin, G., Doyen, M., Kakoschke, N., Brindal, E.
Publication: Nutrients
Publication Year: 2020

Recent dietary trends have prompted growing support for a variety of fasting paradigms involving extreme restriction or nil-caloric intake on fasting days. Some studies indicate that fasting may negatively influence factors including cognitive function through inducing fatigue, which may prove problematic in the context of completing a range of cognitively demanding activities required by… Read More

Author(s): Crupi, A. N., Haase, J., Brandhorst, S., Longo, V. D.
Publication: Curr Diab Rep
Publication Year: 2020

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading causes of death globally. Nutrition plays a central role in CVD risk by affecting aging, adiposity, glycemia, blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, and other risk factors and can affect CVD risk not only based on calorie intake and dietary composition but also the timing and range of meals. This review evaluates the… Read More