Institutional Review Board
IRB Number: 00010732 | Federal Wide Assurance: FWA00024778

The TrueNorth Health Institutional Review Board protects the rights and welfare of research volunteers participating in human subjects research at TrueNorth Health Center and the TrueNorth Health Foundation. Their governing principles are respect for persons, risk and benefit analysis, and justice and fairness.

IRB Members

Josh Helman, A.B., M.D., M.PHIL – Institutional Official
Chris McCluney, B.S., M.B.A. – Chairman
Cameron O’Connell, N.D., B.A. – Co-Chairman
Michael Klaper, M.D., B.A. – Member
Jina Shah, M.D., M.P.H. – Member 
Patricia Kolbe, M.A. – Member 
Christina Gore, D.M.D., B.A. – External Member
Donald Forester, M.D. – External member
Sandy Powell, B.A. – Administrator 

For more information, contact: IRBattruenorthhealth [dott] com