Train With Us

The TrueNorth Health Foundation provides training opportunities in the form of medical residencies and clinical research internships.


Medical Residency

We support a year-long residency training program for clinicians.

  • Develop expertise in the screening of prospective fasting patients
  • Master the history, exam, laboratory monitoring, and effective refeeding of fasting patients
  • Participate in clinical research including the publication of case reports and clinical trials
  • Cultivate an appreciation of the power of nature cure and the application of naturopathic medicine
  • Monthly stipend, housing, and meals provided
  • Contact trainingfordoctorsattruenorthhealth [dott] comstyle="overflow-wrap: break-word;" for more information

Clinical Research Internship

We offer 8-12 week intensive clinical research internships for qualified applicants.

  • Participate in all aspects of clinical research, including screening of participants, obtaining informed consent, instructing and monitoring participants, as well as the data collection and analysis process
  • Acquire skills in the monitoring of fasting patients
  • Closely shadow TrueNorth Health center clinicians in their daily clinical duties
  • Housing and meals provided
  • Contact infoattruenorthhealth [dott] org for more information



Laboratory Research Internship

We are inviting local undergraduate students for a semester-long internship.

  • Hands-on training alongside a multi-disciplinary research & clinical team
  • Assist in daily laboratory operations, collect and process biospecimens, complete data entry, and conduct data analysis
  • Participate in clinical and administrative tasks related to participant research visits
  • Minimum of 10 hr/week commitment
  • Contact infoattruenorthhealth [dott] org for more information