About the Foundation

TrueNorth Health Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization (Federal EIN 45-3783047).


Live Longer, Live Better


Promote Human Health and Well-Being through Research and Public Education on Nutrition, Lifestyle & Water-Only Fasting


1. Conduct Research Studies
2. Physician Training
3. Research Internship Program

1. Dissemination of Research
2. Physician Training and Clinical Internship Program
3. TrueNorth Doctors Speakers Bureau

The Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors, all of whom are experts in their individual fields. Their collective experience encompasses more than 150 years of experience with medically supervised fasting and diet and lifestyle modification for health maintenance and recovery. To learn more about the individual directors, you can click on their names to see curriculum vitae.

The guiding principles that inform the work of the Foundation rest on the the understanding that the human organism has tremendous internal capacity for building, maintaining, and recovering health when exposed to a health-promoting environment. Central to that understanding is the well-documented observation that, except in unusual circumstances, health is the result of healthy living and disease the result of unhealthy living. When it comes to necessary medical or other therapeutic intervention, the ideal goal should be the recovery of health and not merely palliation of symptoms.

The Foundation hopes to empower people of all ages to maximize their health potential. Most people seem relatively healthy during their young years and middle age regardless of their individual health practices. But, too often, these same people spend the later years of their lives in a markedly debilitated state, unable to enjoy life to the fullest. A primary goal of the Foundation is to learn the steps people can take to maximize the length and quality of their lives.