Clinical Trials

Hypertension Safety and Feasibility Study

This study is closed for recruitment and publication is in progress.

Recruitment for this study is from patients who voluntarily visit TrueNorth Health Center. We are not accepting outside inquiries for enrollment.

This study will assess the safety and feasibility of water-only fasting and refeeding for treatment of stage 1 and 2 hypertensive patients. Preliminary research suggests that water-only fasting efficiently lowers blood pressure and may effectively improve implementation of and adherence to lifestyle changes. Mean changes in resting blood pressure as well as markers of cardiovascular health and inflammation between baseline and end-of-fast, end-of-refeed, and six-weeks post departure will also be reported.

Principle Investigators: Toshia Myers, PhD, Eugene L Scharf, MD and Alan Goldhamer, DC
Project Staff: Justin Wise, ND; Natasha Thompson, ND; Evelyn Zeiler, PhD; Sahmla Gabriel, MD; Mara Gilbert, RN; Faye Alexandrakis, DC; Haley Ramsey, MS; Rie Schur, ND; Ahmed Deen

Taste Adaptation Pilot Study

This study is closed for recruitment and publication is in progress.

The Taste Adaptation Pilot Study was conducted in conjunction with the National University of Natural Medicine. The motivation behind this study is growing evidence that the over-consumption of sweet, fatty, and salty foods and the under-consumption of fruits and vegetables is a contributing factor to numerous chronic diseases. Our aim was to do a preliminary assessment to determine if water-only fasting affects taste sensitivity to salty and sweet tastes. We assessed if a change in taste sensitivity can be correlated to dietary preference and consumption.

Principle Investigators: Toshia Myers, PhD and Ryan Bradley, ND
Project Staff: Zrinka Glavas, MS; Daniella Densley, MD; Patricia Kolbe, MA; Su-Yeon Hwang, PharmD

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