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TrueNorth believes that a health-promoting diet is an important tool in supporting patients diagnosed with cancer. Ongoing research will be investigating the role that fasting may play in the management of patients diagnosed with cancer.

Educational Resources

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Food or Medicine? Preventing & Treating Breast & Prostate Cancer

T. Colin Campbell - Center for Nutrition Studies

This article shares the findings of initial research into the use of a whole, plant-food diet as a healing approach to breast and prostrate cancer.

It presents the case for further research into the benefits of plant-based nutrition in the treatment of cancers. 

Clinical Fasting

Sonoma Medicine

Modern humans evolved while surviving prolonged periods without food and have voluntarily fasted for spiritual and therapeutic reasons since ancient times. Water-only fasting (complete abstinence from all foods and beverages except for pure water) is now used therapeutically to initiate physiological responses that may promote self-healing.

Science of Fasting

ARTE France
This film provides an excellent overview of fasting as a healing modality, as an alternative approach to common and serious health conditions. The...