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A Preliminary Observational Study on Potential Effects of Prolonged Water-Only Fasting Followed by Whole-Plant-Food Refeeding in Normal-Weight Females
International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention
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Evidence suggests that prolonged water-only fasting is safe and may improve cardiometabolic
biomarkers in normal-weight males, but data in normal-weight females are lacking.
Given the physiological differences between males and females, research is needed
in normal-weight females to assess safety and effectiveness. This article presents preliminary,
observational data on adverse events as well as the immediate and sustained
effects of water-only fasting followed by whole-plant-food refeeding on body composition
and select biomarkers in seven normal-weight females recruited from a residential
fasting center. Median fasting, refeeding, and follow-up lengths were 10, 5, and 44
days, respectively, during which there were no severe or serious adverse events. There
were also slight changes in some cardiometabolic biomarkers that were sustained after
a prolonged follow-up period. Despite substantial limitations, the data support additional
research with larger samples in this population.

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