Water-only Fasting Literature
A database of research publications dating back to 1881!

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Author(s): Cahill, G. F., Jr.
Publication: Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc
Publication Year: 1983
Author(s): Achord, J. L.
Publication: Med Times
Publication Year: 1967
Author(s): Knudsen, K. B., Bellamy, H. M., Lecocq, F., Bradley, E. M.
Publication: Southern Society
Publication Year: 1966
Author(s): Henry, R. W., Stout, R. W., Buchanan, K. D.
Publication: Diabete Metab
Publication Year: 1979

The responses of plasma gastro-entero-pancreatic (GEP) hormones and free fatty acids (FFA) to a standard mixed meal before and after starvation have been measured. Raised insulin, glucose and FFA levels were found following refeeding after starvation and levels of secretin and C-terminal glucagon-like-immunoreactivity (C-GLI), raised by starvation, were rapidly suppressed on refeeding. The… Read More

Author(s): Kollar, E. J., Atkinson, R. M.
Publication: Psychosom Med
Publication Year: 1966