Ongoing Studies

The Department of Research at TrueNorth Health Foundation is currently undertaking the following studies. 

Taste Adaptation Pilot Study

The Taste Adaptation Pilot Study is being conducted in conjunction with the National University of Natural Medicine. The motivation behind this study is growing evidence that the overconsumption of sweet, fatty, and salty foods and the underconsumption of fruits and vegetables is a contributing factor to numerous chronic diseases. Our aim is to determine if water-only fasting affects sensitivity to various tastes. We are also assessing if a change in taste sensitivity can be correlated with dietary preference and consumption.

Recruitment for this study is from patients who voluntarily visit the TrueNorth Health Center. We are not currently accepting outside inquiries for enrollment.

Principal Investigators: Toshia Myers, Ph.D. and Ryan Bradley, N.D.
Clinical Researchers: Zrinka Glavas, M.S., Daniela Densley, M.D. and Bradley Saul, Ph.D. 
Project Staff: Patricia Kolbe, M.A. and Su-Yeon Hwang, Pharm.D.